Many individuals experience various forms of traumatic events over the course of their lives. As women, we are particularly vulnerable to certain types of trauma, such as physical and sexual abuse or assault, and trauma that occurs in the birthing and delivery process.

The effects of trauma can be particularly distressing and damaging if left untreated. Memories of the horrific experience can flood one’s mind without warning, both when awake and in nightmares. One can experience the extremes of feeling on edge and prone to angry outbursts, and of feeling numbed out and depressed. Not surprisingly, one’s relationships and overall quality of life suffer.

I have gained expertise in treating trauma and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) with some of the most effective treatments available. One of my main goals is to meet you where you are in your trauma recovery process. I will guide you at a pace that is manageable and effective in reducing your symptoms and distress. The ultimate hope is you will be able to move forward in your life without being held back by your trauma history. In the trauma processing and recovery process, you may even gain new perspective and knowledge that will bring greater meaning and purpose to your daily life experience.