Couple Therapy


All couples go through periods in which they feel disconnected or “stuck in a rut.” Often they can get back on track with some effortful communication and problem-solving, or if stressful circumstances resolve themselves. Other times the situation is more challenging; efforts to improve it don’t work, and even seem to create more conflict.

As a couple therapist, I strive to take a collaborative, unbiased approach to help you work through your issues more effectively together, and regain the relationship quality and satisfaction that is lacking. I primarily practice Integrative Behavorial Couple Therapy (IBCT), a cutting-edge, practical treatment for couples shown to be highly effective in reducing conflict and improving overall relationship satisfaction.

In couple therapy, we will identify those factors contributing to the issue(s) at hand, and clarify the ways in which you would like your relationship to be different. We will work on enhancing the quality of your interactions around issues that tend to generate conflict, for example, by improving communication of emotions, feelings, wants, and needs, and gaining new tools for managing intense feelings. The hope is you will be able to understand each other on a deeper level and be able to handle challenges in your relationship more effectively both currently and in the future.